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07 December 2007 @ 10:20 am
This is my new home:


03 December 2007 @ 01:34 pm
"Task Scheduler Engine was closed"
To help protect your computer, Data Execution Prevention has closed Task Scheduler Engine.

You figure that one out.
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12 November 2007 @ 09:12 pm
I found this through dooce:


So well written. I thought I'd share.
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02 November 2007 @ 05:03 pm
View here:


First impressions (as I watch)

I love Posh... she has only one expression: fierce!.

Geri Hallywell... holy muscles.

Baby and Scary spice were barely in the video... they're like background.

And whytf are they all wearing underwear?!?!

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/14236/world-premiere-headlines/
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15 October 2007 @ 07:43 pm
I normally don't post things about work or my career here, but this doesnt really fit anywhere else.

I've been working on this one php script for about 2 days. It basically updates very critical information about an user on several tables. Not something unusual but I've always been scared of testing scripts that affect our main user tables. And yeah we do have backups but this would be one of those times when reverting would be a b!tch.

So I decided to go hunting for a function that would test my MySQL query without actually running the query. And to my amazement, it doesn't exist! Not only am I amazed, I'm shocked somebody hasn't created a native php function.

God knows how much time did I spend figuring out why my queries were breaking when I started coding. It would be incredibly useful, since like me, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that would like that safety feature. For now though, I'm just going to have to run the script and hope for the best.
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13 October 2007 @ 11:00 pm
These past few days I've been downloading (read: buying with itunes) a lot of new stuff.

This one I heard on a tv commercial. Got stuck in my head, and by fluke someone knew who it was. Totally hooked now.
Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ujIxbxYgHw (song actually starts around 0:58).

Then this one I heard on the radio. Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

Then there's the whole new James Blunt album, "All The Lost Souls". I love all his stuff, but my fav songs so far: "I Really Want You", and "I'll Take Everything".

Todd got me the new Kanye West album too. Its one of those that you get into slowly. the more you listen to it, the more you like it.

And completly by fluke, I heard a song called Tired of Being Sorry by Enrique Iglesias, then I found out it was covering an original song by a band/person (no idea) called "Ringside". Both are great. But Enrique's video is better.
Here's the Ringside version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG6qF_abO3o
Enrique's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X86S5oZzzh4

Last, I heard this tonight, a video featured on youtube. The song is so damn catchy. I love finding out new people that I really like. Band is called Socalled

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25 September 2007 @ 01:14 pm
Lately I started thinking that maybe it was time for me to change my wardrobe a little. I'm 24 years old and people still mistake me for an 18 year old. Not that I mind of course, but sometimes its a pain when everyone assumes you're still in school and haven't moved onto the 'grown' up world.

So I bought this dress, its right out of the 80s, totally not something I would ever wear, but it looks hot. Its 3/4 length sleeves and short, very short.

Then I bought these brown dressy pants with pinstripes, along with a 3/4 length sleeve dress shirt, in white, also with pinstripes. I put it on and it changed me completely, I looked like some sort of business person.

Then yesterday I bought this coat that I cannot wait to put on! Its black, knee length, form fitting, and really girly. I'm pretty excited to start wearing this one.

But now of course, I have to buy shoes. Turns out my shoe selection is too... sporty. So I'm considering that maybe there is a slight possibility I might wear flats next year. God I can't believe I'm saying that. So, I tried all these:

Fancy Shoe: Heel is too high, also, not something I can wear every day. Too drastic of a change.

Nice comfy ones: I liked these ones a lot. Although they're a lot like what my brother wears. I decided to pass on these, thinking I could get something more girly.

Soon enough I'll get something that will get me through the winter. Then slowly I'll start buying a shirt here or there that's not a t-shirt (my usual choices). I also started thinking I should buy more skirts and earings, they seem to be a hit.

So yeah. </end>

PS: all from H&M.

Unrelated: TV season started yesterday. Somehow I'm not nearly as excited for TV this year as I was about last. Sad.
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16 September 2007 @ 08:04 pm
11:08 - The Sopranos. Wow, that's SHOCKING.
11:07 - What? there more?
11:06 - That's it for tonight. Thank god. They should cut this by half next time.
11:05 - Dozeons and dozens of viewers. Haha.
11:03 - Best Show goes to? 30 Rock. SO Freaking Deserved. Fucking Awesome Show.
11:03 - I know I'm behind on time. Whatevs.
11:01 - Oh. James Spader. Alrighty.
11:01 - Hugh Laurie?
11:00 - Okay, Red definetly looks good on Kate Walsh.
11:00 - Oh Mary Lois Parker. Sorry. I love you too.
10:58 - Oh man Lead Actress nominations are tight. Love em all. aYAYAYAYAYAY AMERICA FERRERA!!! YAYAYA. Okay totally worth watching the 2 hours.
10:58 - Debra Messing, looks stunning.
[er.. 5 mins ago?] - In Memoriam. Sad.
[er.. 5 mins ago?] - YAY, Sally Field takes it! OMG, "Hurry Up, Quiet, I gotta finish talking".
[er.. 5 mins ago?] - ooo Hugh Laurie's speach came out! Sexy.
[er.. 5 mins ago?] - I like all the actors in Lead Actor for Comedy. Thank you speach was pretty awesome.
[last 10 mins] - Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert "Perhaps we shouldnt even have awards shows". "The waste Stephen, what of the waste?!?!"
[30 min rewind] - Ugly Betty YAY! An award finally.
[30 min rewind] - "There's nothing like the thread of nipple to get the audience tuned in".
[30 min rewind] - Great, show how 'aware' you are of online tv watching, by showing an award online. LAMEZ.
[30 min rewind] - Kanye & Rain Wilson skit was freaking awesome.
10:30 - Started watching. Skipped a good twenty minutes. Rewinding now.
10:24 - Stopped watching. Got distracted. Meh.
10:07 - Paused the show.
9:58 - Does this have ANOTHER hour to go?
9:57 - Red must be in. Todd just said, "She looks great!" My comments? "Big head" "She's a little skinny".
9:56 - "The only thing you give us, is Attention Deficit Disorder".
9:52 - Lewis Black. Dude, breaaaaaathe.
9:49 - Sally Fields. I love her, dunno why. And Patrick Dempsey, god you're hot.
9:44 - I'm confused. A Sopranos tribute?
9:40 - What are these 4 boys singing on stage?!?!
9:36 - Mary Louise Parker, is so damn alluring. Even if her dress is not that pretty. And even if she looked like she was high, or bored.
9:36 - Just saw an ad for Dirty Sexy Money. I think the name alone makes me wanna watch it.
9:35 - how long does this go for? Ugh. Already bored.
9:29 - Someone just missed the chance of accepting an Emmy. That's gotta suck.
9:28 - Marcia Cross is usually gorgeous. But, I have to say, wear push up bra.
9:26 - Woa, Tony Bennett's wife is like 25 years old, or incredibly gorgeous for her age.
9:25 - Category: Variety, Music or Comedy Special. The most random list of people thrown together.
9:22 - What is it with the damn feed of the Emmy's today? Keeps skipping, showing a green screen!
9:15 - Huh, what are the chances... the sopranos won.
9:14 - 3 out of 4 nominations on the same category go to the sopranos.
9:10 - oooo Neil Patrick you'll always be "Doogie Howser, M.D."
9:09 - Oh Mr Duvall, the music is supposed to let you know you gotta stop. I always feel for people that go a little over don't you? I think I'll always remember Julia Roberts speech.
9:07 - not much to say here... never watched (or heard of) any of those miniseries...
8:57 - [nice that i can fastfoward!] - Ali Larter is stunning in red.
8:50ish [recorded, was making myself somethin' to eat] Pregnant Xtina on TV. She looks stunning. Not a big fan of whatever they're playing.
8:43 - Okay the Ellen Degeneres skit for best comedy was amazing.
8:39 - Wow, Rosswell sister took the supporting actress trophy. Good for her!
8:38 - Did they nominate the entire cast of Grey's?
8:35 - Entourage cast with Eva Langoria. Such awkward chemistry, forced commentary.
8:34 - Ellen says she doesn't know what she's presenting. She should have hosted.
8:28 - Its painful to watch people cry or want to. It makes me squirm.
8:25 - Jamie Presley thanks her lawyer. Why?
8:23 - Tina Fey is just awesome.
8:16 - Terry Quinn's wife is dwarfing the woman next to her.
8:15 - Fack. Massi Oka got powned.
8:14 - Whoever says American Ferrera is fat, should die.
8:12 - Well deserved award for Jeremy Piven for Entourage. Even if he looks like he's drunk and hasnt slept in 10 days.
8:10 - Ray Romano takes over hosting? Funnier than Ryann.
8:06 - Ryann Seacrest's jokes, falling flat. Damn.
8:03 - Start off with Stewie and the Dog. Pretty funny intro.

Liveblogging from the comfort of my couch in HD glory.
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10 September 2007 @ 02:03 pm
"In September 2006, a group of African American high school students in Jena, Louisiana, asked the school for permission to sit beneath a “whites only” shade tree. There was an unwritten rule that blacks couldn’t sit beneath the tree. The school said they didn’t care where students sat. The next day, students arrived at school to see three nooses (in school colors) hanging from the tree."

I hate discrimination of any form, so I feel I have to pass this on, make people aware of it.

Click here for more...
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10 September 2007 @ 12:52 pm
Britney: it was one of the worse performances I've seen of her. Carreer crash and burn.

Justin, Timbaland & Nelly: Awesome closing of the ceremony. Ironic that now JT is on top of the world and Britney is at the bottom of hers.

Sarah Silverman: who was the genious behind that idea?

Rihanna: She's the new Britney. She kicked ass.

I had more insights and funny comments, but I'm all out of inspiration this morning. I do have one thing to say, Award Shows are just going downhill.
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